Business Name: BackYard Potter

Business Owners: Kimberly Wilbee

Est: 2001

Phone Number: 519 525 7485




Business Info:

Hello, BackYard Potter here. Come browse my Facebook or Instagram page and see how I transform lumps of clay into playful, elegant pieces of art for your enjoyment. All vitrified items are covered with food safe glazes.

What We Produce:

Function pottery: bowls, cups, plates, spoons, bird feeders, bird houses, casserole dishes, serving plates/dishes just to name a few

Our Goals:

I want to reveal to customers the hidden beauty I find in the clay. I don’t want people to miss the opportunity to fall in love with this art form.

Why We Love Bayfield Farmers Market:

I enjoy participating in this Farmers Market as it allows me to meet Different people from all walks of life.