Business Name: Bayfield Lavender Farm

Business Owners: Gemma James Smith

Est: 2018

Phone Number: 519 525 5724



Business Info:

A small hobby farm just outside of Bayfield slowly and organically growing a beautiful plot of lavender that we harvest and clean by hand. Selling buds and bunches in bulk as well as homemade nice-smelling products for the home.

What We Produce:

Dried lavender buds, Lavender sachets, lavender eye pillows, lavender spray (likely anytime, sometimes made to order), fresh lavender bunches (July/August).

Our Goals:

Striving to spread the joy that has been given to us by nature, our hope is that the Lavender we grow will bring comfort, beauty, and flavour into people’s lives.

Why We Love Bayfield Farmers Market:

The Bayfield Farmers Market has provided the village and surrounding area with a gorgeous way to celebrate our local farmers and artisans every summer. I love watching how the community shows up every week as well as visitors from around the globe…very special and valuable to all involved.