Business Name: Burdan’s Red Cat Bakery

Business Owners: Sophie & Christian Burdan

Est: 2011

Phone Number: 519 524 1283




Business Info:

Located along Hwy 21 north of Goderich, we live on a farm where we grow organic grains. We also inherited a knowledge of baking sourdough bread, this we like our customers to benefit from through an assortment of weekly fresh baked breads and treats! Bon Appetit!

What We Produce:

Organic sourdough bread and treats. White, wheat free, vegan, organic.. please check our website for more details on our assortment of products.

Our Goals:

What motivates you? What do you hope to bring to your customers’ lives?

Sourdough bread is made out of fermented dough which is easier to digest for everyone in particular for gluten sensitive people, diabetics, children… We bake with organic ingredients to save your digestion system from glyphosates, and other chemicals that may harm you health in general. You are what you eat, You are as healthy as your gut, Your gut = Your second brain… We want our clientele to be happy and healthy!

Why We Love Bayfield Farmers Market:

Good products in general, family size market, cozy and friendly ambiance!