Business Name: Corrine Everson Papercrafting

Business Owners: Corrine Everson

Est: 2017

Phone Number: 519 440 3201




Business Info:

Corrine Everson Papercrafting has been growing since it started in June 2017 as a local provider of handmade products and instructional services.

What We Produce:

This includes greeting cards, scrapbook pages, bookmarks, post cards and other papercrafts.

Our Goals:

Many loyal clients have been impressed with the personal service and customized product available at an affordable price. Products and services envelope many facets of life including, but not limited to: ancestry archiving, memory induction and socialization. Providing over 25 years of experience and skills, Corrine offers customers a unique opportunity to share in her passion of papercrafting with others in all that she has to offer.

Why We Love Bayfield Farmers Market:

Bayfield Farmer’s Market provides a feeling of togetherness with a homey feeling, that’s what I love about it.