Business Name: FrontierMan Beard Co

Business Owners: Suzy Lankin

Est: 2013

Phone Number: 519 702 5843




Business Info:

The Frontier Man Beard Oil line is a natural made men’s line of products made by Suzy in small batches, and custom.

What We Produce:

Frontier Man Beard Co brings to the market a display of men’s beard oils, balms, shaving products and soaps.

Our Goals:

To provide natural products as we have used at home for years. Having made the choice to no longer have a store front and offer my services this way often is easier to run my schedule as the customers need.

Why We Love Bayfield Farmers Market:

To be totally honest, when someone asks me that all i can say is that when we are in Bayfield, the hippie in me comes out and i feel so comfortable and welcomed with the customers, i wish we were able to come every week!