Business Name: J Bogal Pierogi

Business Owners: Sandy Bogal/Karen Bogal

Est: 2018

Phone Number: 519 319 4469




Business Info:

We are a family owned & operated pierogi producer. Pierogi made with local ingredients. Traditional & seasonal fillings. Available in: Arva Flour, gluten-friendly or vegan gluten-friendly dough. We are located in London, Ontario. We partner with small, family run farms & producers in southwestern Ontario , to bring you our family’s traditional pierogi recipe with seasonal flavours.

What We Produce:

We make our pierogi fresh each week. We sell them frozen by the dozen. We have traditional cheddar & potato, as well as a dairy-free and a seasonal filling. We have a classic dough made from Arva Flour Mill flour, as well as gluten-friendly & Vegan gluten-friendly doughs. House made Vegan sour cream , Vegan Queso & Vegan Dip (based on what’s in season).

Our Goals:

We source our ingredients from close to home, mainly from small farmers and producers. We believe that local is the way to go for taste, quality and healthy for you good food.

Why We Love Bayfield Farmers Market:

The Bayfield Farmers Market has the best atmosphere, customers, vendors & management & volunteers. It feels like home!