Business Name: RW Sharpening

Business Owners: Suzy Lankin

Est: 2013

Phone Number: 519 702 5843




Business Info:

We are a family owned business, second generation run. Suzy has been in the sharpening and repair industry for over 30 yrs, and runs this business treating your tools as if they were her own. Sharpening for home, farm, hobby, fabric, gardening, salons, veterinarians, equine, restaurants and more!

What We Produce:

RW Sharpening when at the market can sharpen knives, most garden tools, and fabric and salon scissors.

Our Goals:

A stress free way of taking care of people’s tools, whether home or professional.

Why We Love Bayfield Farmers Market:

To be totally honest, when someone asks me that all i can say is that when we are in Bayfield, the hippie in me comes out and i feel so comfortable and welcomed with the customers, i wish we were able to come every week!